Each year, Cookstown Motor Club welcomes competitors and spectators to the forests and open roads as part of the Northern Ireland Championships. Motorsport of any kind can be dangerous and as rally organisers we spend a considerable amount of time ensuring that anyone attending events are kept as safe as possible.

Please comply with all instructions from Marshals, notices and abide by the Spectator Safety Code this will help everyone enjoy the events.


A message from the legendary Ari Vatanen

Maybe rallying can never be completely safe for the competitor but for spectators there are some simple personal safeguards which you can follow so that you are not putting yourself at risk. I ask you, for your own sakes, please think where you watch from, do not take risks to get the best view or the best photo. Listen to the marshals and never argue with them. Follow paths that have been made for you and don’t please wander about in the stage and try and get out of the way just as a car is coming. I know you love our sport, and our sport would be nothing without you, but do not put yourself and our sport at risk. Use that British common sense!”
Ari Vatanen, 1981 World Rally Champion

Spectator Safety Watching a live motor sport event is a thrilling experience and one of the best ways for fans to get close to the action, experiencing the sport’s sights, sounds and smells first-hand.
The MSA, event organisers and venues strive to keep spectators safe but ultimately all spectators are responsible for their own personal safety.
Here are some tips that spectators should remember at live events:

  • Always keep your own safety in mind
  • Park in a safe place
  • Follow marshals’ instructions
  • Observe and obey all event signs
  • Stay within the official spectator areas
  • Do not enter any prohibited areas
  • Keep off the road or track
  • Listen to official announcements
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • On rallies in particular, remember:
  • Cars may run wide on corners
  • Cars may cut corners
  • Cars may throw up stones
  • Cars may overshoot junctions
  • Cars may leave the road.

From all at CMC, have fun watching our events but, please please be safe!!